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Exceptional Scrum Tool

I have been a Trac and Agilo for Trac user for sometime. I highly recommend this product for Agile software development and love the fact that I can do everything from the user-friendly UI (browse code, check out the roadmap, and view my build status).

Projektunterstützung im Projekt E-Learning in den Studienbereichen, Universität Potsdam

As project-coordinator I have choose Agilo for Scrum. It has all the functions we need to plan sprints and daily work task for our project which will be running until 2016. We use this tool as knowledge database including blogs, milestone-descriptions and many other tasks. It is for all team members (about 15 persons) the central place to look for project information. Through the possibility to interact with common databases (we are using MySQL) and the LDAP function it is easy to install and to use. We have create several ticket types and it is easy to configurate meaningful content forms through the way agilo handled database attributes. All team member like the "Kanban-Cards" and in this way we can easily live the agile scrum methods. Also team member which are not involved in software processes like the tool to coordinate their daily work. We thing agilo for scrum was a very good choice and now another team on our university is starting to use it. Congratulation for this tool!


Projeto para criar um app para iphone e iPad, listando ao minimo uma escalação do Corinthians a cada ano


I am Scrummaster of distribute team in russia and austria. This is what we wanted - is simple to work with, fast, on the web. Has a lot of functions, but in the backyard. Helps a lot to focus on important things, I like clear look. Maybe would also use it for co-located team, is better than paper, if you ask me. Signed up to pro after a few days evaluation!

Really interesting

As a member of a distributed scrum team, I have found this tool really valuable. It updates the scrum board on the fly without the need to refresh the browser so everybody in the team can be on the same page. The workflow is intuitive and the I've found the burndown chart really well done. One of my major concern was the performance of the backlog, but this has been improved a lot in the last few weeks. The support has been great so far with some issues a few of us in the team had. This was basically a browser compatibility issue that's been fixed in less than a day. Great tool!

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Agilo for Scrum is a great tool also because we listen to our customers a lot. Do you have an idea for a feature you want to improve, or simply start from scratch? Do you want to see what other people think about how Agilo should evolve? Cast your votes and tell us what you think on our UserVoice page!

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