Agilo for Scrum for your agile projects

Why Agilo ?

The new Agilo for Scrum is based on an entirely new concept of workflow to the users. It tracks and visualizes the entire scrum process from the beginning of a sprint to its completion. It does this in real-time, so there’s no guessing about your project’s status.

Scrum Workflow

Agilo for Scrum has been designed to present a seamless and intuitive workflow, coaching the user through the ceremonies of scrum and guiding them to the areas of the workflow that require their attention. You need to get things done? Agilo will not stand in your way.

Agilo for Scrum addresses the needs of each scrum role by providing an intuitive workflow:

  • Team members collaborate seamlessly on multiple projects.
  • ScrumMaster can more effectively support the team.
  • Product Owner can focus on delivering business value.
  • Stakeholders are informed of the progress all projects.

Team Support

Agilo for Scrum is a collaboration product for teams, both distributed and co-located.  It provides tools that allow a team to quickly communicate change and progress to its members.  It guides each team member through the Scrum process, and provides immediate feedback during the Sprint.


Agilo for Scrum has been developed with a ‘push’ backend, allowing real-time data updates to keep your teams in sync.  Though web-based, it behaves just like your favorite desktop application.  Stunning and easy to use, it strives to be intuitive as possible. - All in real time




Distributed Team Support


Timezone support and more

The reality of the workplace is that we’re often not in the same room, sometimes not even on the same continent. This makes real-time communication and collaboration an absolute must in how your team operates. Agilo for Scrum makes this easy.


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Simple Interface

  • Single Window Interface Everything you need in one place
  • Logical Workflow Follows the Ceremonies of Scrum


  • Information Minimalism See only what you need to see

  • Desktop Look and Feel A Desktop App running in your Browser

  • Single Sign On An account for all of your projects

Plans to Suit You

  • Three Subscription Types To suit your organization and team size

  • Easy Upgrade/Downgrade Retain all of your data when changing plans


Easy Planning

  • Simple Story Creation It's easy to create a new User Story

  • Simple Prioritization Drag & Drop, what could be easier?

  • Theme Organization Create Themes for long-term planning

  • Find Stories Quickly Use Tags to organize and find Stories

  • Two column Sprint Planning Adding a Story to a Sprint is a breeze

  • Plan with Awareness Gauges help in your ability to commit

  • You choose how to plan! Story points or hour estimates, up to you!

  • Retrospective Support Creating action items for the next sprint



  • Push-based Application So you never have to refresh your browser

  • Visual Feedback If the status of a task changes, you see it

  • Distributed Standup A real-time Timebox to guide the team Standup

  • Capacity Planning Capture and display who's available when

  • Impediment Capturing Know which Stories or Tasks are impeded and why

  • Sprint Review Product Owner and Team review Stories efficiently

  • Avoiding Collisions Entry forms will warn you if something changes

  • Multiple Team Support Multiple teams can share a Backlog

And Soon...

  • Multiple Project Support Each Project has its own Backlog

  • Release Planning Plan future Sprints based on Business Value

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